SILKYPIX / SILKYPIX 8.1.12 adds new Casio, Nikon and Olympus Camera Support

Developer Studio Pro8 Ver. update adds minor fixes plus new camera support.

SILKYPIX Developer Studio 8 series of photography products helps you improve your RAW, TIFF or JPEG images with complete control over color balance, exposure bias, high dynamic range and more.

SILKYPIX Developer Studio 8 Improvements

  • Other small fixes

SILKYPIX Developer Studio 8 New Cameras

  • [Added] Casio EX-ZR5100
  • [Added] Nikon D850
  • [Added] Olympus E-M10 Mark III

SILKYPIX DS Pro8 was recently released and added new features including Focus Peaking, Clarity Adjustment, Brush Correction Filter and Underwater Photo Controller. More details about these features are available on What’s New in SILKYPIX 8.

SILKYPIX Developer Studio 8 and SILKYPIX Developer Studio Pro8 – with introductory pricing of $199 (regularly $249) are available for Windows and Mac OS X. You can also upgrade later to SILKYPIX Developer Studio Pro8, which adds other advanced features and more granular controls for professional photographers. Ordering SILKYPIX doesn’t force you into a subscription model. SILKYPIX is available in a 30 day trial and immediately available for download and purchase at the SILKYPIX website at

Download a free 30 day trial from Dropbox or through the SILKYPIX website.

See the original announcement on Mirye Software SILKYPIX support forum.

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