Meshbox 3D Model Orc Black Sorcerer’s Ship

Meshbox Orc Black Sorcerer's ShipMeshbox Orc Black Sorcerer’s Ship 3D model for MAX, Poser/DAZ Studio, Shade 3D, Blender, Vue & Bryce now available.

About Orc Black Sorceror’s Ship R2

When the waters run red – the orc black sorceror is near! Using his own combination of evil sorcery and old world technology for his own evil ends, the black sorceror’s ship is feared by man, elf and orc alike. While some have served the tribes or even rules tribes, most leave their own kind and either end in madness or disappear into another, dark world. The orc black sorceror’s ship is equipt with orcish flamethrowers as well a ritual circle of pure evil. He who sits in the throne may master the steering totem, and thereby guide the ship with his own will.

This model is 7 in a series of eight models, and includes complete textures, bump maps and normal maps.

About Orc Journeys Volume 1 R2

The races of Orc are many, from the nobles of the First House of Orc to the wild Dragon tribes of the eastern plains. Though their ships lack the sleek beauty of elven craft, Orc ships are better prepared for battle than their foes. Orc Journeys Volume 1 – aka Orcs and the Sea – is a collection of water craft models based around the Orc themes first introduced in the Meshbox Orc Village Series.

Where to Get this 3D Model

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