Free Photo Filters for SILKYPIX: ISL Film Series

SILKYPIX Film Taste Series

SILKYPIX RAW Photo Converter and Image Correction professional photography software supports filters called Tastes. Download two FREE Tastes Now.
Ichikawa Software Lab’s SILKYPIX supports a filter system that lets you incorporate custom parameters that you can use again and again on all your photos. This week, we are releasing two FREE photo filters, ISL’s Kid Photo and also VIVID.

Kid Photo produces a pleasing, soft glow that’s perfect for child photography. VIVID enhances bright, saturated colors, making them pop!



2 thoughts on “Free Photo Filters for SILKYPIX: ISL Film Series”

  1. What do I need to do with these tastes to use them after downloading (new to Silkypix)?

    1. First step is to unzip the archive. There are two types of Tastes: Parameter and Settings. Tastes can also be specific for use with RAW or JPEG / TIFF files.

      Go to menu Parameters. If you have a picture already open, the Add Taste button will be live.

      If you do not, then you can still add it from menu Parameters > Edit Tastes. From Edit Tastes, you select either Parameter Tastes or Settings Tastes.

      Either way will get you to an edit screen where you will see the Import button. Click and import.

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