SILKYPIX Developer Studio 7.1.9 Free Update to Photography Software

SILKYPIX 7 7.0.9 7.1.9Performance updates, a minor new feature and new camera support for new Panasonic, FujiFilm, Olympus & Casio Cameras.  Photography software for Windows and Mac OS X.

SILKYPIX Developer Studio 7 series of photography products helps you improve your RAW, TIFF or JPEG images with complete control over color balance, exposure bias, high dynamic range and more.

This November 26, 2016 update adds improvements to the software as well as new camera support.

This is update includes useful fixes and new camera support. Buy SILKYPIX DS 7 series software on the Mirye Store website.


  • [New] Added a function of “Delete selected filter area” at “Partial correction tool” sub-control with [Delete] key while you display the sub-control
  • [Fixed] Forced to quit when you switched “Display modes” immediately after launching the application
  • [Fixed] Forced to quit when “Sort thumbnails” was being executed
  • [Fixed] Could not operate “Cropping area” correctly when you restarted the application with the setting “Cropping method” as 1:1 fixed ratio in the Crop tool
  • [Fixed] effects of Spotting tools might not be applied to the output images when you developed images with “Batch Develop” functions
  • [Fixed] effects of Partial correction tool were applied to incorrect positions in the “Coarse Preview” of the Nikon RAW images with the size of “RAW S” and “RAW M”
  • [Fixed] effects of Spotting tools were applied to incorrect positions at the Nikon RAW images with the size of “RAW S” and “RAW M”
  • [Fixed] Improved the image quality of the output images with the output color space as “AdobeRGB” at “Development settings”
  • [Fixed] Other small fixes

New Camera Support

  • [Added] Casio EX-ZR5500
  • [Added] Fujifilm X-A3. (*1)
  • [Added]Olympus PEN E-PL8
  • [Added] Panasonic DMC-G8 (*2)
  • [Added] Panasonic DMC-G80 (*2)
  • [Added] Panasonic DMC-G81 (*2)
  • [Added] Panasonic DMC-G85 (*2)
  • [Added] Panasonic DMC-LX9 (*2)
  • [Added] Panasonic DMC-LX10 (*2)
  • [Added] Panasonic DMC-LX15 (*2)
  • [Added] Panasonic DMC-FZH1 (*2)
  • [Added] Panasonic DMC-FZ2000 (*2)
  • [Added] Panasonic DMC-FZ2500 (*2)
  1. “FILM SIMULATION” is supported and an available film simulation can be selected
  2. “Photo Style/Camera color” is supported and an available photo style can be selected

SILKYPIX Developer Studio 7 ($149) and SILKYPIX Developer Studio Pro7 ($249) are available for Windows and Mac OS X and currently available under an introductory offer. You can also upgrade later to SILKYPIX Developer Studio Pro7, which adds other advanced features and more granular controls for professional photographers. Ordering SILKYPIX doesn’t force you into a subscription model.

SILKYPIX Developer Studio 7 is available in a 30 day trial and immediately available for download and purchase at the SILKYPIX website at

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