Mirye Software New Online Store Now in Public Beta

Mirye Beta Store Now AvailableRegister on the main Mirye Software website to preserve your user name and get support directly from Mirye Software.Mirye Software is a software and content publisher that provides professional products for creative professionals, including professional photography software SILKYPIX and the 3d content of Meshbox Design.

We are rolling out the beta version of a new online store that is directly integrated into our main marketing and support site. Our old store is still active and able to take orders.

The new, integrated store will allow our customers to easily track their orders and downloads and provide a much better user experience. Even though it is possible to place orders on the new store (as of this first release, Paypal only), we are maintaining the old store for limited amount of time because of the hundreds of products on the old store that need to be transitioned to the new platform.

Why Register Now on Mirye Software?

  • If you have a user name on the old store and want to preserve it, you should register on the main Mirye Software website to preserve it
  • If you want to purchase using Paypal, it is only possible on the new website
  • Some new products will only be available on the new website

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