OneRender Web 3D Design & Cloud Rendering Platform Launches

OneRender 3D Design and Cloud RenderingOur technology partner announced their 3d design and cloud rendering platform OneRender.

We’ve worked closely with the team at OneRender in testing the 3D models from Meshbox Design (a sister group to Mirye Software) and are very impressed with it as a platform for both scene design and rendering.

OneRender Design Environment

  • Multiple cameras each with their own position, custom settings, depth of field settings
  • WebGL-based scene layout environment that works with Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Apple Safari
  • Project Presets to start a 3D scene or create new ones from scratch
  • Sensible 3D layout environment with grid planes and rulers for precise object positioning
  • HDR global illumination lighting and emitter objects (including invisible emitters) to illuminate your scenes
  • Replication / instancing for creation of complex, multi-object scenes (forests, buildings, cars, etc)
  • Import Wavefront OBJ, 3DS, FBX, STL and Blender files with texture maps
  • Drag & drop native physically based materials from a growing 200+ public library or create your own native materials
  • OneRender unbiased renderer powered by NVIDIA and save into multiple formats including 64bit EXR with mutiple tone mapping options

Check it out at the OneRender website. You can read the original announcement over on Content Creator’s Guild.

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