Fix and Improve Images & Photos for $59 with SILKYPIX DS 6

Let's Try RAWKitty says “Let’s Try RAW!” saves 60% for improving your photos and images in RAW format, TIF and JPEG. For Mac OS X & Windows.

SILKYPIX DS 6 is both powerful and easy to use. A limited form is bundled with hundreds of digital cameras worldwide. Now you can get working with SILKYPIX DS 6 for only $59 on this limited time sale.


Here are things you can do with SILKYPIX DS 6:

  • automatic level correction
  • one click high dynamic range
  • perspective correction
  • remove unwanted objects
  • save effects for batch processing
  • non-destructive editing
  • works with tiffs & jpegs too
  • no subscription required

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