Medieval Ukraine 3D Windmill Released

Medieval Ukraine Windmill 3DMedieval Ukraine Windmill 3D is model 5 of 8 of a series of historical 3D models for Poser / Daz Studio, Vue, Shade 3D,  Bryce,  Blender and 3DS MAX. Completely furnished and textured.
This worn, old windmill probably has seen better days. Given its design, the milling stone was probably built first, and the building built on top of it. Inside, are two levels – the milling room and the upper portion of the gear box.

About Medieval Ukraine Village Volume 1

Medieval Ukraine Village Volume 1 series is a collection of 3D models based on the medieval history of Ukraine and the lands of the Kievan Rus’ circa 9th-11th century. Medieval Ukraine Market is model 3 of 8 in the series.

Medieval Ukraine Windmill Gallery

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